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If you’re looking for unique and beautiful moldings to incorporate into the design of your home Orac Decor’s crown moldings for indirect lighting are perfect for you. They are primed in the factory and ready for a paint or finish that matches your dream design. The crown moldings for indirect lighting can be just as easily used without lights if desired, making them adaptable to any space they’re in. Crown molding is a popular way of dressing up certain features of a room.

If you want to have a peaceful sleep at night and relax your eyes, consider adding such same color moldings to your bedroom. Another benefit is that you can choose a broad range of trim ideas if your ceiling is high. Inspired Ornamental creates custom decorative plaster medallions for clients all over the country.

When selecting crown molding for a room, it’s easy to pick one style of cornice or a particular shape of trim. That being said, sometimes it’s exciting to select a fresh shape or mix different styles, like the trim on this ceiling. The dimensions and different levels that this kitchen has built-in make for a more interesting look but remain subtle thanks to the monochromatic white palette.

Paired with rustic brown and hard blacks, this room is a vintage industrial dream come true. The first time you look at this image, you almost don’t even notice the crown molding, but you’re somehow innately aware of how beautiful and clean it all looks. Owners of traditional and contemporary spaces might be craving a little more flair in their rooms. As seen here, layers of crown molding cascade down the top of the ceiling and it continues onto the walls, beneath the windows, and down at the baseboards.

Orac Decor worked with top designers, such as Ulf Moritz, and engineers in the industry to create this exclusive line of crown molding for indirect lighting. Manufactured in steel molds, these crown moldings feature defined and sleek details, high quality, and consistent proportions in each piece. As the exact opposite of the minimal kitchen and calming master bath, this living room allows the crown molding to speak loudly and proudly. Notice how the designer of this room expertly carried the blue-grey of the molding down into the sectional couch, which blends perfectly with the soft-toned floor.

Follow safety rules when getting on the ladder and sawing the crown molding. Crown molding can accessorize your home by creating visual interest. Along with making a room feel larger, this molding is fairly easy to install with a power nailer and a power miter saw. Besides providing premium services and ensuring clients are satisfied with the results, we offer free consultations and estimates to help you get the house of your dreams.

Add them around a mirror, mural, or painting and see how quickly you highlight this focal point to stand out even more. This design has an aristocratic, wealthy feeling while connecting the cabinets to the ceiling. This model is reminiscent of old, extravagant mansions worth of fortune. The combination of contrasting colors, gold, and green, turn any home into a formal, luxurious masterpiece.

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