Jade Rollers for Face, Their Benefits, and How to Use Them

Whether you’re just starting your day or wrapping it up, a little extra massage may be the skin-care step your routine is missing. Skin Gym’s Jade Vibrating Lift & Contour Beauty Roller might look like your average jade roller, but it packs a secret rejuvenating punch. With over 6,000 vibrations per minute, this nifty little tool is the perfect way to sneak a relaxing face massage into your busy schedule. As this roller’s massage abilities work out facial tension, the jade’s cooling capabilities calm skin and help with product absorption when you use it in conjunction with your favorite moisturizer or serum.

We’ve rounded up 15 of the best jade rollers for you to incorporate into your skin-care and self-care routines, so it’s time to get rolling. This high quality jade roller comes as part of a set. Natural jade is used in the two-sided roller and in a separate gua sha tool. Some people claim jade rollers can stimulate collagen production, but there’s no evidence they have this effect. “Any facial massage, when done correctly, can help improve circulation and decrease puffiness — with or without a jade roller,” Engelman says.

With the lymph system gently kicked into gear, excess fluid can be drained away, leaving you with less puffiness and sharper facial contours. If you’re still in a facial massage mood after depuffing your undereye area, Mount Lai’s Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool also comes highly recommended. Dr. Liu’s favorite way to use this tool is on her temple and scalp for relaxation and to reduce tension headaches. You can also run jade rollers and gua shas alike along your jawline, which can help alleviate swelling and temporarily improve jawline definition, notes New York City-based board-certified dermatologist David Kim, MD. The EcoTools jade roller official Duo is made with our specialty sourced Jade and designed to help reduce puffiness and smooth the skin.

Your roller should never cause pain or tug your skin. Rolling too aggressively can irritate and even damage the skin, especially in sensitive areas, like under the eyes. “For best results and skin health, be gentle and move in the direction of your face’s natural contour,” Engelman says. For the jaw and cheek area, that means rolling slightly upward.

We use wisdom that has been passed down through generations to create beauty tools and skincare rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We use natural plant based remedies and deep knowledge of the body’s internal systems to achieve amazing results. Once the skin is ready, we will begin a gua sha facial massage to activate lymphatic drainage. Known to help encourage lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, smooth, soothe and relax. The cooling jade will rejuvenate and add radiance to your complexion.

Facial rolling is safe for most skin types when done properly. Make sure that your roller isn’t made from a porous material, which can easily trap bacteria. “This can cause acne breakouts or allergic reaction,” she says. One end of the roller has a standard stone to use on the face.

At the chin, follow along the lower jawline to under the ear lobe. A real jade roller probably won’t cost less than $20. In addition to jade, rose quartz is another common roller material. Apply a serum, oil, or moisturizer to clean skin. Different styles of tools may have different effects. “The time spent on each section of the face is so brief, and your rolling motions should be gentle enough that you’re not actually tugging the skin,” she says.

To use, apply a few drops of facial oil to just-cleansed skin. Then, start rolling onto skin in upward motions to de-puff and de-stress. Use the smaller roller to gently reduce under-eye puffiness, and then flip the tool around and use the larger roller to help with lymphatic drainage, starting at the center of the face and working out and down the neck.


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