Commission: For the very first conversion they pay you 100€ and, additionally, the earnings for up to 100 clicks till then: 10 euro-cents (0.10€) per click. For subsequent conversions they pay you 50€ + click earnings for up to 100 clicks (which go at the same rate – 0.10€ per click).

Description: The website provides information and booking facilities for people who want to rent yachts. The primary focus is on rentals in Europe, but visitors can also rent in other parts of the world. There is comprehensive information on the most popular European charter areas.

Apart from offering a booking service, visitors can also learn about the process if hiring yachts. If you are a licensed captain, you can hire bareboat. Otherwise, you have to opt for a skippered or crewed hire.

The site also features special promotional offers, and provides full 7 or 14-day itineraries. Prices are quoted in Euros using a European currency format, so 1.250 signifies 1,250.

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