Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel

Commission: Commissions are paid in U.S. dollars as follows:

  • Full day “house call” with Mort Fertel – $200
  • Marriage Fitness Home-Flex – $125
  • Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp – $125
  • Marriage Fitness (5 CD Set) – $17
  • 1 Hour Session Private Session with Mort Fertel – $10

Description: Working through marriage problems can be a challenge. Marriage counseling teaches couples to work through their issues, but even this can lead to more problems. Dredging up past hurts, trying to get your partner to see your point of view and debating differences repeatedly can make even the smallest problem seem impossible to solve. That’s where Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness comes in. This innovative program promises to teach you the best way to work out your problems without visiting a therapist’s office. With his system, you will be equipped to tackle a host of issues from infidelity to lack of affection and loss of trust.

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