Countryside Gazebos

Commission: Average $400 – $1000 per sale.

Description: For the past 30 years, Countryside Gazebos has created outdoor furniture for residential and commercial customers. While the company specializes in gazebos, countless other options are available, too. This includes lawn furniture, decks, and more. Fortunately, the company builds everything by hand utilizing high-quality materials. Kiln-dried premium treated yellow pinewood is Countryside Gazebo’s preferred wood for its products. Such wood is durable and lasts for many years without showing wear and tear.

Whether a customer wants a gazebo or swing created, they can customize their order in various ways. Handmade wood products ensure that each order is unique and meets customers’ specifications. Other companies fail to offer such high quality goods, and few companies have as much experience as this one. In the end, customers have grown to trust this company for its woodwork and dedication to satisfying each customer. Each product made through this business is guaranteed to meet a customer’s expectations.

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