The Attorney Case File

Commission: A two-tiered program that pays a flat rate of $100 (one hundred dollars) to the first tier (seller) and $15 to any existing second tier (“up-line”). Product price is $249.95

Description: The Attorney Case File is a management system aimed at the legal profession. Lawyers pay a once-off fee for the management tool, and have access to digital or printed material. The system includes almost 200 ready-made management forms.

The product has three distinct components. The Case/Client Workbook is the primary aid in the product, and there is also an Investigation Workbook, and finally a Trial Workbook.

Interested legal executives can view samples of the three components before making a commitment to buy. There is an FAQ page, and a statement of Policies page.

The system is sold for licensed use, with one license for each physical address. Multiple users are entitled to access the product provided they are at that address.

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