Commission: 10% of all finished jewelry categories such as wedding bands, earrings , necklaces, etc. You receive a 5% commission on all loose diamond sales.
*Commission Example: A customer purchases a Tacori ring setting valued at $2000.00 and a 1 Carat diamond valued at $1100.00 for a total order of $3100.00. The affiliate would be paid 10% on the ring setting ($200.00) and 5% on the loose diamond ($55.00) for a total commission payout of $255.00.
*Both Phone and Web Orders are included: If one of your visitors calls you will be given credit for the phone order as well. Each time a customer visits the site they are given a unique reference number that we request ensuring proper compensation.

Description: Rokstok is an online jeweler and design company. They specialize in providing custom wedding and engagement rings. Through the use of scanning technology, Rokstok is able to provide individually designed bands and settings for each customer. Clients can choose from a number of existing designs.

They might then specify any of a number of customizations to make each ring an individual work of art. Those who are ordering rings may wish to specify a specific clarity rating. Carat, color, cut and clarity are the four metrics upon which customers may select which level of blemishes is acceptable. Different options are available to fit individual budgets.

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