How To Create A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

email marketingEmail marketing is one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing. There are over 3.2 billion email accounts registered today. Of those 3.2 billion accounts, 95% are active, and 91% of those users check their email at least once a day. Email is not perfect. Statistics show that 18% of all email messages are blocked, and 4% are delivered to a junk folder. That means 78% of sent emails are successfully being delivered to the recipient’s inbox. If you are considering an email campaign for your business, it is important to follow correct set-up procedures if you want to see results.

Reasons For Setting Up an Email Marketing Campaign

The most common reasons for starting an email campaign is to introduce a new product or service, to offer discounts to improve sales, or to get your brand’s name out there.

Email Campaigns vs Social Network Campaigns

Email campaigns are often more effective than social network campaigns because of the life of an email. When a person receives an email, it stays in his or her inbox until it is read and deleted. When a post is put on Facebook, it has a life of about two hours and thirty minutes. If customers have not checked their Facebook in that time, the post will likely never be seen. The life span of a Tweet on Twitter is even shorter. Twitter moves incredibly fast, leaving your Tweet unseen very quickly.

How To Get a Mailing List of Possible Customers

The success of your email campaign depends solely on the amount of people you are actually able to reach. One great way to build your email mailing list is to add a section on your company’s website for customers to sign up. The lure of special offers and discounts on your products or services, will entice people to register an email address. You can also consider purchasing email lists from a third party. These lists are often very helpful, and are not extremely expensive.

Decide Which Type of Email Marketing You Want to Use

There are two types of email marketing campaigns you can use, each with its own benefits.
1. Promotions: Promotional emails are sent out to customers when there is a special deal available to customers who receive the email. There could be a coupon code included in the email, allowing customers to save at check out. These emails can also be sent to let customers know when there are items on sale.
2. News Letters: News letters are sent out more often than promotional emails. Newsletters let customers know about new products, offers, and company news.

Designing Your Email

When designing your email, you should consider which type of email you wish to send out. The simplest is a standard style email. These are simple to create, considering they use a straight forward design. If you want a more flashy campaign, you can use Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). If you are computer savvy, you can create a software design which allows you to create eye catching, bold styles, making the email easier to read. For those who are not computer savvy, but still want a flashy campaign, there are software programs which you can purchase to create the perfect emails for your company.

Get Your Customer’s Attention

In order for your email to be effective, you must be able to create a “hook” get the recipient’s attention from the very beginning. It can be the promise of a sale or discount, a posing question or you can share a powerful story. When you have a good “hook,” your customers will be more likely to read the entire email.

Give Recipients the Option to Opt-Out

It is a good idea to give your recipients the chance to stop receiving emails from your company. If your products are something a customer has no interest in, he will not want his inbox being filled with your emails. The last thing that you want is to annoy people with your emails. It is not good for business or word of mouth. You do not want recipients talking about how they cannot stand the constant emails from your company. Negative feedback will cause your email campaign to backfire.

How to Prevent Your Emails From Going to Spam Folders

Most email users have spam filters in place. If your emails go to the spam folder, chances are they will never be seen. Spam filters work when they detect a high number of recipients to one email. To make sure your emails do not go to spam, you should send them out in batches. While this may be more time consuming, it will be more effective in the long run.

Many companies have found great success in email campaigns. As long as you have a solid email list, and a catchy email to send out, you should be successful.