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Hey! How's it going? I'm Jeff Koo. I have been in affiliate marketing world for more than 5 years now and I'm also living my dream life with a full time income Online. Now I'm dedicated to help anyone out there who's passionate in this field like you to achieve their desired dream and lifestyle. In this site, I will reveal some of the secret top paying affiliate programs in various niches & sometime sharing my own experience with them. Feel free to explore!

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Commission: 3.5% commission of the gross sale – one of the highest commissions in the industry!

Description: Finding the perfect cruise has never been easier with Cruise Direct’s easy to use portal. Search for your sailing by destination, port or sailing date. Find voyages on your favorite cruise line or search by price to find the best itineraries. Finding the best sailing is just a few clicks away. View specials including category upgrades, onboard credits and kids sail free promotions. If you are planning a group cruise, you can find  everything you need for your next family reunion, wedding or corporate cruise. Plan a last minute getaway and save big.

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Commission: For the very first conversion they pay you 100€ and, additionally, the earnings for up to 100 clicks till then: 10 euro-cents (0.10€) per click. For subsequent conversions they pay you 50€ + click earnings for up to 100 clicks (which go at the same rate – 0.10€ per click).

Description: The website provides information and booking facilities for people who want to rent yachts. The primary focus is on rentals in Europe, but visitors can also rent in other parts of the world. There is comprehensive information on the most popular European charter areas.

Apart from offering a booking service, visitors can also learn about the process if hiring yachts. If you are a licensed captain, you can hire bareboat. Otherwise, you have to opt for a skippered or crewed hire.

The site also features special promotional offers, and provides full 7 or 14-day itineraries. Prices are quoted in Euros using a European currency format, so 1.250 signifies 1,250.

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Commission: Commission rates start at 10%

Description: This website provides a fast and efficient way to book yachts for hire at destinations all over the world. Visitors type in their chosen resort, the dates required, the type of yacht they want (motor, sail or catamaran), and then choose whether the yacht should be crewed or not.

There are specialist charters on offer. For example, you can get a front row view of the Monaco Grand Prix from the comfort of your own hired boat.

The website also has lots of helpful information related to yachting and chartering. Visitors can find full itineraries for many of the most popular places worldwide.

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Hotel Club

Commission: 50% of the net commission made by HotelClub.

Description: It is centered around a group that provides frequent flyers and vacationers with membership opportunities and benefits that extend to their travel bookings. The group describes themselves as a global travel community that is dedicated to providing members with a more fulfilling travel experience through online promotions and unique deals. The website is very easy to use, as registration is free and takes only a few seconds out of the individual’s day. Interested clients will be able to search for bookings and flights to their destinations of choice, while enjoying a variety of bonuses that come with the travelling experience.

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Africa Point

Commission: 30% (up to $350 per referral).

Description: A safari is a once in a lifetime experience, and the right travel partner can help you to enjoy this voyage of discovery. Tour the Savana and see the Africa you have only imagined on a guided safari. See the big five—buffalo, elephants, rhinos, leopards and lions from your open air vehicle. See the great Wildebeest migration, a sight that only few on earth have experienced. Enjoy sandy beaches, year-round sun and ultimate relaxation on your safari vacation. With complete itineraries that include meals, attractions and leisure time, you can be assured that you will enjoy memories that will last a lifetime.

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